Boston places anti-white “Islamophobia” posters at bus stops

Back in 1999, the Boston Housing Authority [BHA] placed the Irish shamrock on a list of “bias indicators” that included Confederate flags and Nazi symbols. White residents in BHA housing projects, most of whom are elderly, were asked to voluntarily remove any shamrocks from public view to avoid offending non-whites. After international condemnation, the BHA backpedaled.

Now, Boston bureaucrats are at it again. This time the city of Boston has launched a “public service campaign” alleging that Muslim women are being harassed by white people. Fifty posters, which critics say are racially offensive towards whites, are being placed at bus stops around the city.

The poster was created by the left-wing French artist known as “Maeril.” It depicts a Neanderthal like white man harassing a woman in a hijab. It provides instructions on how to intervene and allegedly create a “safe space.”

Boston city officials cite one lone example of a white male harassing a Muslim woman on Boston public transportation. However, the idea that women in hijabs are being harassed is a popular media narrative. Numerous fictional claims, which have turned out to be hoaxes, have been widely hyped in the national news.

Boston was the scene of one of the most horrific Muslim terrorist attacks in US history. In 2013, two Muslim men detonated bombs at the Boston Marathon. Five people were killed and over two hundred were injured. The perps later engaged the police in a gun battle. One officer was killed and several others were wounded.

The perps were two Chechen brothers. Their family was granted political asylum by the US government in 2002 and they lived on welfare in Boston.

12 Comments on “Boston places anti-white “Islamophobia” posters at bus stops”

  1. Wow! That’s a really attractive bag you have there on your head! Can you just pull it forward and down a bit so I don’t have to see your face? Oh, wait…..

  2. “What a nice suicide vest you have there. Did you wire it yourself?”

  3. How about a safe space from muslims,after all,it was Muslims would blew up the marathon

    • labrouche | July 21, 2017 at 4:08 am |

      It will be depicted as a “neo nazi” village and the authorities will build a refugee center in the town. The rule is do it but never say it.

  4. El Krapitan | July 19, 2017 at 6:04 pm |

    I feel legitimately bad for any of them that are needlessly harassed while going about their daily business, but these posters are childish; something one might expect to see at bus stops in Merkel’s Germany.

    • Pamela Stein | July 31, 2017 at 8:45 am |

      I’d suggest you turn off your TV and educate yourself on the tenants of Islam.
      If more people did that instead of leaving self righteous, virtue signaling, morally superior, holier than thou internet posts they would be asking more serious questions of their Government officials. Like why they would intentionally set their own countrymen up for a very bloody war.
      The history of this ideology is easy to understand and predict as it’s not changed – ever – in 1400 yrs. There’s a very good reason why Muslims were not allowed to immigrate to not only western nations in general, but America in particular. For over 200 yrs we knew our history and had a very vivid memory recalling that the very first foreign war America fought was against Islamic people BECAUSE of their supremacist beliefs. It’s the reason we have a Marine Corps among other things. It’s the reason those Marines are called “leather necks”
      Having said that and taking into consideration that absolutely nothing about Islam has changed one can’t help but become preoccupied with the intentions of ones own Government officials instead of worrying about some manufactured “needless harassment”
      I mean if you can take a break from patting yourself on the back for your moral superiority long enough.

  5. Yes, he was a false fag, but a real muslim.

  6. The muslim would most likely not engage in conversation or smile.

  7. labrouche | July 21, 2017 at 3:56 am |

    Delusional leftist propaganda. As usual the “racist” is depicted as white. I live in France, Lyon. I’m 31, I was attacked 6 times in my life on bus. Each time it was by Muzzies or blacks. This is a total inversion. Whites are the real victims of racism not the opposite.

  8. Clasic Demott | July 26, 2017 at 2:00 am |

    Two Questions for the Posters Creator : 1. What I was Jewish, should I do this ? 2. what if they don’t speak english and now the muslim views me as a threat because
    I am trying to cling on to him or her or i’m invading the space , the Muslim not understanding I’m trying to diffuse the attacker situation, then He or she does what Muslims do all the time,he or she
    Tries to kill me or hurt me. I’m not Muslim so once that thought of kill goes through
    their brain they will act on what they have been taught their entire life, Kill all non muslims
    and Be rewarded by Allah, And Allah gives the biggest rewards for the deaths of Jews.

  9. It would be more accurate if it portrayed the aggressor as a leftist, rather than the broad brush of a white male. The one instance of that kind of aggression was by a Bernie Sanders supporter. After all, how many conservatives take the bus?

  10. Can you imagine the reactions if the government put up cartoon posters instructing muslims not to rape children, bomb trains, run trucks into crowds of innocent people, stab people, rob, or any of the other many things they known to do which are incompatible with our civilization? The government isn’t going to do it so perhaps some posters of that kind should be made by private citizens and put up amongst these anti white posters.

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