PewDiePie mocks the mainstream media

PewDiePie is a Swedish youtube star and international online sensation. He has more subscribers on youtube than any other person in the world, by a large margin.

Recently “mainstream” media outlets started denouncing PewDiePie as a “Nazi.” Media outlets went after Youtube and PewDiePie’s sponsors.

During the media frenzy, PewDiePie gained millions of new youtube subscribers. His number of subscribers went from 50 millions to almost 54 million.

To put this into perspective, the second most popular youtube star in the world is a Chilean who goes by HolaSoyGerman. He only has 31 million subscribers. The number one most popular American youtube channel is VEVO’s Official Taylor Swift channel. It has 21.4 million. Second place in the USA is VEVO’s Katy Perry channel with 21.1 million. PewDiePie has more subscribers than Taylor Swift and Katy Perry put together.

PewDiePie’s is another huge blow to the credibility of the “mainstream” media.