SPLC Mississippi schools lawsuit is based on a hoax

The Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] is suing the state of Mississippi claiming they are violating the Readmission Act. This was the Federal law that allowed Mississippi to rejoin the United States of America.

The SPLC alleges that Mississippi does not fulfill its agreement to maintain a “uniform system of free public schools.” The SPLC is publishing the blatant falsehood that “African American children are receiving an inferior education.”

The SPLC says that the white Governor, the white speaker of the House, the white Lieutenant Governor, the white Secretary of State, the white Secretary of Education, the white chair of the Board of Education, and eight other members of the Board of Education are to blame. They all have been named in the lawsuit.

In reality, the exact opposite is true. Mississippi, on average, spends substantially more money on black public school students than white public school students.

The SPLC specifically claims that black students in the Jackson Public Schools system and the Yazoo City Municipal School System are being given an inferior education. Both of these school districts are overwhelmingly black. Both of these school districts are very well funded by Mississippi standards.

As we have documented before, black students perform academically at the bottom nationwide. This is true for every single state. We have already documented that Michigan and Minnesota both spend, on average, more money educating blacks students than white students. Mississippi is no different.

The entire argument by the SPLC can be disproven with these two pictures. The first is a map of Mississippi School districts color coded by level of funding in 2013. The second is a map of Mississippi with the counties color coded by demographics. The darker shades of blue are the blackest counties. The darkest shades of green are the whitest. The school districts receiving the lowest levels of funding are primarily in majority white counties. The districts receiving the most lavish funding tend to be in the majority black counties.

Mississippi public school students are 49% black and 45% white.

Five lowest funded Mississippi School Districts:

Lincoln County, 85% white, $7,040 per pupil.

Desoto County, 56% white, $7,051 per pupil.

Union, 77% white, $7,115 per pupil.

North Pike, 65% white, $7,334 per pupil.

Scott County, 49% white/40% black, $7,371 per pupil.

Five most lavishly funded Mississippi School Districts:

Clay County, 93% black, $18,107 per pupil.

Hollandale, 98% black, $15,500 per pupil.

Montgomery County, 93% black, $14,811 per pupil.

Benoit, 95% black, $14,198 per pupil.

Coffeeville, 86% black, $13,508 per pupil.

Note: Clay County and Benoit were tiny districts that have since been consolidated.

Districts picked by the SPLC as examples of black districts being short changed:

Jackson, 97% black, $9,399 per pupil. Better funded than 58% of Mississippi school districts

Yazoo City, 98% black, $8,483 per pupil. Better funded than 27% of Mississippi school districts

Compare Jackson to its largest suburb:

Pearl, 54% white, $8,146 per pupil.

* Per pupil spending is for the year 2013.

According to the SPLC, the definition of a “hate group” is an organization that demonizes a segment of the population with falsehoods. The SPLC is spreading a falsehood that blacks in Mississippi are getting short changed in education. They are falsely blaming white people for this. They meet their own definition of a “hate group.”

The SPLC claims that Jackson and Yazoo “lack basic supplies” compared to whiter schools. If this is true, then it has nothing to do with the politicians named by the SPLC. This would mean that the local, mostly black, management of these school districts is looting the money.

If the SPLC can sue Mississippi simply because blacks perform worse than whites, then all 50 states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico can all be sued for the exact same reason. Essentially the SPLC is demonizing white people because God created races of men that perform at different levels.

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    I wonder if anyone can tell my just why the SPLC is so cancerous?

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