A Charlottesville, VA local business snub list

Sign at Cinema Taco

This Saturday, there is a rally in Charlottesville called #UniteTheRight. The city of Charlottesville is planning to dismantle multiple Confederate statues in the city. Far-left activists are also calling for more statues, including one of George Rogers Clark, to be dismantled as well. To hear an August 10th radio interview with rally organizer Jason Kessler, click here.

The Vice Mayor of Charlottesville is Wes Bellamy, who openly expresses hatred of white people. He also has a long history of posting racially and sexually offensive comments on twitter. His tweets have ranged the gambit from “I DON’T LIK WHIT PEOPLE” to “its not rape if she moans.” Bellamy also publicly opposed the hiring of a female principal at a Charlottesville school. He claimed that it would “fk our lil boys up” to have a female principal. While city council, media, and far-left group relentlessly attack the rally, the same people publicly support Bellamy.

Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy

A number of local businesses are virtue signaling against the rally. At least four have allegedly posted signs saying they do not want people attending the rally to spend money at their establishment. Narrative-Collapse would like to help these business owners by encouraging people in the area to avoid these businesses indefinitely.

First of all the most egregious offender is the national corporation Airbnb. This company actually canceled reservations for several rental properties to try to prevent people from attending the rally. Airbnb has made a public statement bragging that they are actively canceling reservations of people they believe are attending the rally. A few states have laws that make it illegal to cancel a rental agreement because of someone’s political beliefs. Apparently, Virginia does not.

Anyone who supports freedom of speech should cease using Airbnb immediately.

The following are local businesses who say they do not want people attending the rally to spend money at their establishment (according to C’ville Magazine).

Commonwealth Restaurant Skybar
Mudhouse Coffee
Whiskey Jar
Cinema Taco

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El Krapitan
El Krapitan

What a surprise: the media standing with someone who is openly racist against the acceptable group and downplaying everything bad that he said because he was, according to the link, a “young man”.