Youtube bans videos that show Antifa violence

Last June, we were sent a video of a black youtube star being attacked by Antifa in Portland, Oregon. The victim goes by Airliner World & More on youtube. The Antifa recognized him as someone who had criticized them online.

We uploaded the video to the Narrative-Collapse youtube channel with no edits or commentary whatsoever. It is just the raw footage of an Antifa member committing a felonious assault. It also shows other Antifa trying to block the camera.

The video was viewed about a quarter of a million times! Youtube apparently did not like that.

They deleted the video and informed us that posting raw, unedited, commentary free videos of Antifa committing crimes is “hate speech.”

Yes, youtube is now actively trying to protect Antifa by deleting videos of their crimes. You can fight back against Google/Youtube censorship by downloading the Adblock Plus extension for your browser.

Here is the raw *.mp4 file for you to download. Please upload on other platforms.

9 Comments on “Youtube bans videos that show Antifa violence”

  1. El Krapitan | August 16, 2017 at 6:22 pm |

    Google was just waiting for their Reichstag Fire and that woman getting run over gave it to them. They were already ramping it up prior to the incident but now they will clamp down on objectivity like never before. Antifa and similar far left extremists will have an exta layer of establishment protection supplied by Silicon Valley.

  2. I think that the real reason jewtube censored this particular video is that they don’t want blacks to see a fellow black whipping an antifa’s butt! (((They))) want blacks, instead, to view antifa as a group that’s 100% on the side of blacks. Of course, antifa IS on the side of groups like blacklivesmatter… but, not all blacks are supportive of blacklivesmatter or antifa, and THAT is something that jewtube simply does not want viewed by the thousands.

    As a footnote, let me just say that I consider “based” blacks in the same light as I see “good” jews. They do exist, but they’re so few in comparison to the overwhelming majority of terrible blacks and jews that they may as well be non-existent. Either way, jewtube doesn’t like “based” blacks who punch antifas… or “good” jews who expose the hallowed-hoax and admire Hitler.

    • Since I can’t edit the post above, I just wanted to add something: the video is a narrative-collapse! lol that makes (((them))) nervous.

  3. I just tried to mirror it on Youtube, and you immediately get met with this

  4. Unmask them, take pictures, make list with names and address and wait for it…
    PS : JimB say the truth, (((They))) want to keep black people in the liberal plantation where antifa are the “kapos”.

  5. U can upload it on :

  6. hiking viking | August 23, 2017 at 10:46 pm |

    Youtube covers for domestic terrorists. Their actions prevent these criminals from being prosecuted.

  7. Was that blond a boy or a girl? (I can’t actually tell with the sound off.)

  8. Pepe the Frog | September 1, 2017 at 1:11 pm |

    It shouldn’t surprise anyone to see Google, which owns Youtube, playing censor and Thought Police.

    Last week they took down Paul Kersey’s “Stuff Black People Don’t Like” blog, too.

    I don’t think the SJWs at Google understand the can of worms they’re opening here, but then if they were smart they wouldn’t be SJWs.

    If Google wants to censor political content to which it objects, that means they can no longer claim to be a “common carrier.” That means they are taking legal responsibility for everything on their network. All those Al-Qaeda and ISIS recruiting videos they host on Youtube? Arrest Sundar Pichai and charge him with conspiring with terrorists. All that music uploaded to Youtube in violation of copyright? All that copyrighted material illegally uploaded and stored on Google Docs and Google Drive? Send DMCA notices to Sundar Pichai personally and hold him personally legally responsible for Every. Single. One. He has chosen to make Google and Youtube the Internet Police and decide what we can and can’t see on the basis of content-so that means he and Google are 100% legally responsible for 100% of it.

    It’s exactly like Cloudflare violating their own terms of service and arbitrarily censoring the Daily Stormer because they hate conservatives. If Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince has decided he is in a position to censor users he doesn’t like, then he needs to get hit with about ten thousand summonses and lawsuits about the child porn and pedophile discussion boards he chooses to host and DOESN’T censor. Yes, really. Cloudflare has no problem with hosting ISIS recruiting web forums for terrorists. Cloudflare has no problem with pedophiles discussing how to kidnap children and trading kiddie porn on their servers. They can’t claim to be a common carrier any more-they censored the Daily Stormer and that means they are taking responsibility for the content they host.

    The FBI is going to start kicking doors down and perp-walking people like Pichai and Prince in front of the cameras in shiny bracelets real soon now, right? Right?

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