Black supremacist arrested for shooting two cops in Kissimmee, FL

Update: After two police officers were shot in Kissimmee, FL, two more were shot and wounded in Jacksonville, FL. The shooter in Jacksonville, FL also posted racially charged messages on Facebook earlier the same day.

Everett Glenn Miller, AKA Malik Muhammed Miller, has been arrested for shooting two police officers in Kissimmee, FL.

Both police officers have died as a result of their injuries.

In the days leading up to the shooting, Miller posted dozens of racially charged status updates on Facebook. Some of them explicitly call for violence. He personally pledged to commit violence against white “Confederate Nazis” in one recent status update. One of his status updates is a picture of Martin Luther King with a message that says to stop marching and start shooting.

Miller was using a Muslim name but claims he is not religious. However, he is explicitly anti-Christian. He urged blacks to stop using crosses and leave their churches. He claims black people will be slaves of the white man in Christian heaven. Miller also said he uses the Ankh as his only religious symbol.

He made comments about Black Hebrew Israelites, but they are so nonsensical we can’t tell if he is for or against them. He does reference the black “Moorish” movement in a positive way. This is a pro-Muslim black supremacist cult.

So far, the mainstream media is not reporting Miller’s racial beliefs and violent rhetoric.


5 Comments on “Black supremacist arrested for shooting two cops in Kissimmee, FL”

  1. Another paranoid Muslim BLM terrorist. I’m sure the DOJ will look the other way as usual, unless it was a white guy.

  2. This is what I’ve been seeing all over daily. Racists thinking they can fight racism with racism while accusing everyone of racism based on their race.

  3. So I guess they took his Facebook down….I’m wondering how did you get all these screenshots?

    • Because I went to work immediately after his name was released and took the screen captures before Facebook censored everything.

  4. I know him, as I’ve worked with him for 15 years. He had never been arrested. I served in Afghanistan with him, we even shared the same room. I can tell you this, all of his friends at socom, and Centcom, in Tampa are shocked. We never saw this coming. Besides his facebook postings becoming more and more racially insensitive, this still didn’t seem like the glenn we all knew. some of us ended up deleting him just last week, after a barrage of posts that were offensive. He had PTSD, from his early years in the Marines. I had just talked to him a week prior, invited him to my home…to see how he was doing. He worked side by side white people all of the time, and he would always offer to help any of us. Honestly, a good friend to many white people. since his retirement, he moved to kissimmee..and he either stopped taking medicine, or self medicated. Something happened to him. No signs, besides a few weeks of bizarre, hateful posts. We’re disgusted by his actions. We are all shocked by them. this wasn’t “him” by any stretch.

    I hope he spends the rest of his life in prison, or even gets the death penalty. I am appalled by his actions. I feel terrible for those officers and their children.

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