Jacksonville cop shooter is another black power activist

Shortly after a black supremacist shot and killed two police officers in Kissimmee, FL, another black man shot two officers in Jacksonville, FL.

According to law enforcement, Derrick Brabham shot two Jacksonville County Sherif’s Deputies. One was originally listed in critical condition. Both are now described as being in stable condition. Brabham was in turn shot and killed.

Brabham was believed to be involved in a domestic violence situation. He opened fire on police when they approached his house. After police took him out, they found three women and a baby in the house.

Brabham has striking similarities with Kissimmee cop killer Everett Glenn Miller. Both are black men who do not like white people. Both were posting racially charged messages on Facebook earlier the same day.

The morning before he tried to kill police officers, Brabham posted a picture of black men burning a Confederate flag in Tallahassee, FL. He also posted a message telling the KKK to come to Jacksonville shortly after.

Brabham rarely used Facebook, but a large percentage of his posts were racially charged. Many were either to promote Black Lives Matter or denounce Donald Trump.

So far the “mainstream” media is completely ignoring the racial and political beliefs of both Miller and Brabham.

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  1. Dickgazinya | August 21, 2017 at 8:11 am |

    “Both are black men who do not like white people”
    Is there another kind?

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