Woman attacked for being white, then crowd defends attacker!

Update: The suspect has been arrested.

A young black male assaulted a 51-year-old white female in Cleveland, Ohio. This took place Sunday afternoon. He initially attacked without warning. Then he screamed racial abuse afterward.

The victim lived nearby. She went home, called the police, and then returned to the scene with her 21-year-old son. The perpetrator was still in the area and the son took his picture. Then he was also attacked and his cell phone screen was broken.

The suspect began screamed that the victims were “kkk members.” Then other people sided with the attacker and became hostile towards the victims. According to the police report, other bystanders started threatening them.

The area is mixed race. It is about a third white, a third black, and a third Latino. The attack took place in front of the Laurel Manor apartment complex.

Cleveland police say they are treating the attack as a hate crime. The perpetrator is still at large. The 21-year-old did manage to take a picture of the suspect. Police have released the picture to the public.

10 Comments on “Woman attacked for being white, then crowd defends attacker!”

  1. A damn shame the mom or son were no packin’

  2. Two blonde moms had their faces shattered on a bike trail in Boston last week.
    Nobody gives a damn about White victims of rampant(average 600,000 incidents per year according to FBI table 43) black violence and if you report them you will get kicked off any social media service. shutmouth

  3. that pic screams unevolved developmentally retarded savage simian

  4. Ol’ Uncle Jack | August 23, 2017 at 10:24 pm |

    Latino isn’t a race. There are many different races of Latinos.

    Call these people for what they truly are- Mexican nationals invading Chicago en masse via illegal immigration.

  5. hiking viking | August 23, 2017 at 10:40 pm |

    Must be white microaggressions at work. The federal gov should pay another black liberal to do an unsophisticated study proving it. Notice all white people are being branded supremacists or nazis these days? Very anti-white mentality developing.

  6. I’m expecting a uptick of attacks on Whites to occur after all the continued monomaniacal “white supremacist, nazi, kkk” demonization of Whites 24/7 by the anti White media in the wake of Charlottesville.

  7. Had he done that to me, he would no longer have the use of his legs.

  8. Anyone notice they only pull this cap in liberal approved disarmed victim zones? Why dont they come on down to Tennessee and try their luck? Could it be because anyone with the audacity to wear a mask on and carry a bat around here would most likely get shot in the face? I was at Walmart just yesterday talking with 4 other armed customers at the gun counter. I saw 2 more before I left the store. I wonder why we don’t get beat down by feral liberals around here. Sometimes I wish they would at least try. Oh well. All we can do here is keep shooting little paper versions of communists and patiently wait for them to grow a pair of balls.

    • How do you know they were all armed? it’s foolish to advertise a weapon. You’ll be the thug’s first target & he’ll get the jump on you.
      Yes, I carry, EDC 4″ tanto blade & a G27, you wouldn’t know unless you saw the Crossbreed clip.

  9. WHY did the son only return with a camera to point?

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