Interracial multiple murders involving blacks and whites

When it comes to interracial homicides, the media and the entertainment industry like to hype white on black homicides. However, Federal data suggests that black on white homicides are far more common. We are trying to create a large comprehensive database of these homicides to create the most honest and accurate picture.

One glaring aspect of interracial killings, involving blacks and whites, is the lopsided number of multiple killings. So far in 2017, we have found 4 black on white triple murders, 13 black on white double murders, and 3 black on white double negligent felony homicides. We have yet to find any white on black multiple killings in 2017.

Note: There might be other interracial multiple killings involving whites and blacks. There are also some that are unsolved, which could very well turn out to be interracial. If you know of any more interracially killings, involving blacks and whites that occurred in 2017, please send us a message.

Black On White Triple Murder: (4)

White On Black Triple Murder: (0)

On March 30th, Cheyenne Calderon, 20, Kelly Freshour, 50, and Timothy Keyser, 70, were all shot and killed in Canton, Ohio. The perpetrator is a black male who Cheyenne was dating. Kelley is Cheyenne’s mother. The perpetrator also killed their pet Siberian Husky. He committed suicide afterward. There was another young white male named Brandon and Cheyenne’s three-year-old son. Brandon grabbed the three-year-old and fled before they could be shot. We only have pictures of Cheyenne. However, we know that Kelly Freshour is white because she has a white daughter and we know that Timothy Keyser has white grandchildren.

On April 18th, Zackary Randalls, 34, Mark Gassett, 37, and David Jackson, 58, were all shot in Fresno, CA. A black male who espoused Nation of Islam theology was arrested. The same perp had killed a black security guard a few days earlier. He told police that he wanted to be known as someone who killed a lot of white people, not as someone who killed a security guard.

On April 7th, Two sisters and their father were shot and killed in St. Paul. MN. The victims are Wade McIntosh, 50, and his two daughters, Olivia, 17, and Maria, 19. They were shot by two black males who are brothers. One of the shooters was dating Maria. One of the perps committed suicide and the other was captured. Anita Mcintosh, the mother of the two sisters, was also shot and seriously wounded.

On May 16th, a black male shot three members of a white family in Ruffin, SC. Phillip Miller, 46, Lori Miller, 52, and their son, Vincent Miller, 13, were all killed. A nine-year-old granddaughter was shot in the leg and is in the hospital. The suspect is also accused of shooting at a five-year-old girl. A black female has been arrested for allegedly being the getaway driver.

Black on White Double Murder (13):

White on Black Double Murder (0):

On January 29th, Bailey Zylo, 18, and Andy Fockler, 38, was killed during a home invasion in Weirsdale, FL. Two black males invaded their home and shot them. Fockler’s stepson Bailey was killed execution style while he laid in his bed. Fockler’s wife only survived because he shielded her with his own body.


On January 26th, Jennifer Taylor, 33, and her daughter Marissa Lynn Taylor, 9, were shot and killed in Fitzgerald, GA. Police have arrested the mother’s black boyfriend. The shooting took place right outside of a school.


On January 25th, Michael Genovese, 57, and Carl Clark, 52, were both shot and killed on Staten Island, NY. Both were killed execution style, with a single shot to the back of the head, inside a mortgage office. A black male has been charged. The suspect was previously convicted of an armed robbery of a gun store in 2005.


On January 12th, Ali Brown, 20, and Victoria Brown, 28, were shot and killed inside a Kansas City, MO apartment. Ali Brown’s racially mixed son was shot five times, but survived. Another male victim was shot who might be black. A fourth adult was shot and wounded. The suspects are three black males.


On February 23rd, Sidney J. Campbell, 56, and Marie E. Stamp, 31, were shot and killed by black males in Columbus, Ohio. Police say the perpetrators killed them so they could not testify in a case about drug trafficking in their neighborhood. They lived in the Hilltop area of Columbus and were killed in their home.


On March 10th, Jordan Baker, 19, and Howard Wick, 35, were shot and killed in Westland, Michigan. A black male has been charged with shooting them. A second black male and his white girlfriend have been charged with being his accomplices.


On April 20th, Alex Boschert, 27, and William Froelich, 52, were shot and killed in St. Louis, MO. They were utility employees and connecting a gas line to a home. The killer was a black male who committed suicide afterward. The murders may have been racially motivated.


On April 14th, Trina Kuznik, 46, and Mike Kuznik, 50, were shot and killed in Cleveland, OH. They were working at a car dealership. Someone stormed into the office and shot both in the head. A pet dog was also killed. Police have arrested a black male.


On July 28th, Dalton Berry, 21, and Shayla Carson, 18, were shot and killed in Panola, TX. Police say the suspects are three black males. A third victim was shot and injured.


On July 23rd, Travis Frost, 73, and Joshua Dylan Moody, 23, were beaten and shot inside their home in Piedmont, AL. Police have identified three suspects. Two black males and a black female.


On July 6th, Paul Koster, 51, and Ayla Hopper, 29, were shot and killed in Walnut, MS. Police have arrested four different black males ranging in age from 17 to 21. The victims were found dead inside their home.


On August 21st, Donna Major, 59, and Kathryn “Katie” Skeen, 36, were shot and killed while working at a bank in Conway, SC. Police have charged a black male. The suspect is a career criminal.



On August 4th, Kevin Carter, 51, and Timothy Hurley, 59, were killed in Longboat Key, FL. They were killed at the Zota Beach Resort, in what police are calling a “robbery gone bad.” A black male has been arrested.


Black on White Double Felony Homicides (3)

White on Black Double Felony Homicides (0)

January 22nd, Amanda Lynn Hill Pigg, 37, and Stacie Carroll Williams, 36, were killed in Birmingham, AL. They were riding in the back seat of a car with a black male who is a career criminal. Police tried to pull him over and he fled. Eventually, he slammed into another car. The two women were killed and the driver of the other car was injured. The perp was not seriously injured. He is being charged with two counts of felony murder.

On February 6th, Dana Michelle Wilson, 18, and Ryan Michael Menke, 18, were killed by a habitual drunk driver. Police believe the driver was drunk and speeding. He is a black male. The driver has a serious criminal record. In 2000, he was convicted of assault with intent to kill but barely did any jail time. Since then he has been repeatedly arrested for drunk driving and drugs.

On May 7th, Luis Solano, 26, and Promise Hamilton, 23, were killed in Dallas, TX. Police say a black male was driving drunk and sped through a red light. He hit the couple and killed them. He has been charged with two felony counts of intoxication manslaughter.

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