A Brave new internet is coming…

In 2008, software developer Brendan Eich donated money to support a California ballot initiative to ban homosexual marriage. The ballot initiative passed. A majority of blacks in every age group voted in favor of it. A majority of all whites and Latinos for all age groups 30 and up voted in favor of it. A far-left activist judge then declared that he unilaterally had the power to overturn the will of the entire state.

In 2014, Brendan Eich was promoted to CEO of Mozilla. Eich was a co-founder of the company and had developed modules for both the Netscape and Firefox web browsers. OKCupid, a trashy “hook up” site, launched a cyber protest again Eich being the CEO. The site would generate a pop-up screen and tell FireFox users that Eich is anti-gay and that users of Firefox should download a different browser.

Eich was forced to resign as CEO from his own company for having the same opinion on homosexual marriage that a majority of the entire country has. Since Eich resigned, the Firefox browser has declined rapidly and is now considered to be very slow and undesirable.

Now, Eich is back with a vengeance. He has a new company, a new team, and a brand new state of the art free web-browser called Brave. It is now officially available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Android. Beta-versions of the browser were released in 2016, so it has already been widely tested by techies.

Here is the best part. It comes with Adblocking built in. It also comes with anti-tracking built in as well as many other state of the art features.

Note for Android users: The Brave Browser is currently listed as a free download in Google’s “App Store” on your Android phone. Google has already banned all adblocking apps from the app store. The Brave Browser is now the easiest way to browse ad free on your Android cell phone. For the non-technical people who do not understand how to install “banned” Adblocking apps on their cellphone, the Brave Browser is a much simpler way!

Narrative-Collapse is a major proponent of using Adblockers, and we highly recommend you download and try out this web browser. We have been testing Brave for the past two days and it is an excellent browser. If you compare the speed of the Brave to any other browser without an adblocking extension, it is much faster. However, even compared to other browsers, with Adblock Plus installed, it seems to be faster. Brave blocks 100% of syndicated ads from Google’s network and it blocks all youtube ads and youtubecommercials! Currently it does not block so-called “native ads” on Facebook and Twitter. These “native ads” are what you see as “sponsored posts.” However, Adblock Plus is not currently able to block Facebook’s native ads either.

Eich envisions a new internet devoid of syndicated ads controlled by one monster monopoly. A monopoly which is currently using it’s ad networks to control and censor information. Eich believes, as do we, that in the near future websites and vloggers will not be funded (or individually denied funding for “WrongThink”) by Google’s syndicated ad revenue monopoly. Everyone will be on the same playing field. If you want to make money, you will have to get your own sponsors or get people to donate money.

A future is coming where individual content creators, including so-called “mainstream media,” will get most of the funding directly from the people who enjoy their content. Eich is also building a network to facilitate the direct funding of websites. Brave browser has a built in payment system. Web surfers who want to contribute to the websites they enjoy will be able to donate money to them through the Brave browser. They can even create a list of the sites they want to support and Brave will take their donation and divide it between those sites. This could greatly mitigate Paypal’s current war on conservative websites.

Note: Currently over 50% of all visitors who access this website are using an adblocker. This is a very high percentage, because our visitors tend to have an above average IQ. Nationwide, the percentage of people using adblockers is estimated to be about 25-30%. In 2015, less than 10% of US websurfers were using adblockers. Promoting the Brave Browser is another way to promote the use of adblocking.

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