Interracial felony killings in SC in 2017

Narrative Collapse has created the largest database of 2017 interracial felony homicides, involving blacks and whites, of anyone in the USA. We are trying to create the fairest and most comprehensive sample of these types of murders. This way we can examine if reality matches what is depicted in the media and entertainment industry.

So far we have accumulated 335 black on white felony homicides and 30 white on black felony homicides. One state that stands out is South Carolina. About 1.55% of the population of the US lives in South Carolina, however, it accounts for 6.26% of all the black on white felony homicides we have documented so far. It is worth noting that while only 1.55% of the total US population lives in SC, 3.3% of the black US population lives in South Carolina.

It is also very notable that the national media keeps reminding us about the shootings perpetrated by Dylan Roof and Micheal Slager, even though both incidents are now well over two years old. Both Roof and Slager have already been tried and convicted. Why doesn’t the media focus on new victims?

Does the media have an agenda to hype white on black crime while simultaneously ignoring black on white crime, which is far more common?

White on Black (0)

We have yet to find any. If you know of one, please e-mail us.

Black on White (21)

On January 9th, Jonathan Palmer, 31, was shot and killed at a gas station in Townsville, SC. Police have arrested a black male.



On February 15th, Lewis Hay Frampton IV, 27, was shot and killed in Summerville, SC. Police have arrested and charged a black male.



On March 18th, Jason Bradley Smith, 31, was found shot on the side of the road in Conway, SC. Police identified a black male suspect a month later. In May, the suspect was finally arrested.



On April 19th, Christopher Stanley, 29, was shot and killed in Varnville, SC. Police have charged a black male. It was a home invasion.



On April 18th,  Alena Kennedy went missing in Lexington, SC. Two months later her body was found inside the home of a black male. He has been charged with murder. A white female, who is presumably the girlfriend of the suspect, has been charged with being an accessory.



On April 2nd, Michael Harvey Cox, 31, was shot and killed in Florence, SC. Police released a surveillance image of a black male.  Cox was shot outside a hotel but was not registered as a guest. Police do not know if the victim and perp were connected.


On May 16th, a black male shot three members of a white family in Ruffin, SC. Phillip Miller, 46, Lori Miller, 52, and their son, Vincent Miller, 13, were all killed. A nine-year-old granddaughter was shot in the leg and is in the hospital. The suspect is also accused of shooting at a five-year-old girl. A black female has been arrested for allegedly being the getaway driver.


On May 8th, Crystal Gurney Wiley was murdered at her home in Summerville, SC. Her black husband has been arrested.



On May 5th, Randall Shawn Davis, 25, was shot and killed on the side of the road in Greenville, SC. Police have charged a black male. It is not known if Davis knew his attacker beforehand.



On May 3rd, Clatie Dean Stribble, 35, was stabbed and strangled to death in Newberry, SC. Police have arrested her black boyfriend.



On June 26th, Dennis Mantel, 66, was killed in Myrtle Beach, SC. He was driving a cab at the time. The suspect is a black male.




On June 3rd, Joseph Leeman was shot in the head and killed during a home invasion in Walterboro, SC. Police have arrested a black male and a black female. They have been denied bond. Leeman’s girlfriend was also home and threatened with murder.


On July 23rd, George L. Grimes, 30, was shot and killed in Barnwell, SC. He was found dead in his car. A black male was arrested in Knoxville and charged. The suspect has a white girlfriend who was also charged as an accessory.



On August 24th, Anthony Shane Whiddon, 37, was shot and killed in Charleston, SC. He was working as head chef at a restaurant when a black former employee came in and shot him.



On August 21st, Duaine Hamilton, 81, was killed in Columbia, SC. He was working when in a Sear store when he died from being assaulted. Police say two black males assaulted him so they could steal a tv.



On August 21st, Donna Major, 59, and Kathryn “Katie” Skeen, 36, were shot and killed while working at a bank in Conway, SC. Police have charged a black male. The suspect is a career criminal.



On August 12th, Christopher Mullen, 30, was shot and killed in Charleston, SC. Police have charged a black male.



On August 10th, Ernest Stevens, 77, was shot and killed in Hardeeville, SC. He was the former fire chief. Police have charged a black male.



Special thanks to New Nation News and GunMemorial.