Radford University: Majority of new serial killers are black

In 2012, Radford University partnered with Florida Gulf Coast University to create a vast database of serial killers. They published a twenty-page document with statistics.

The most significant part is page six, which breaks down serial killers by race and decade. Blacks have always been overrepresented among serial killers. In the 1990s, that overrepresentation surged. There were more black serial killers in the 1990s than white serial killers.

Since 2000, a majority of all serial killers have been black. Blacks only make up about 12.5% of the US population, but almost 59.8% of serial killers since 2010.

How many times have you seen a black serial killer in a movie, tv show, or documentary? How many times have you heard the phrase “most serial killers are white?”

The first person to document the overrepresentation of black serial killers was Justin Cottrel. He published a book called Rise of the Black Serial Killer in 2012. Cottrel did not write this book in vain. Radford University credits the book in their power point presentation on serial killers.

Radford University points out that the “typical serial killer profile in the media” is a white male, even though white serial killers have become increasingly less common. They credit Cottrel with finding “hundreds of black serial killers that were not on other lists.” Essentially Cottrel blew the lid off of a massive media coverup.

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