Youtube censors non-violent, non-offensive nationalist folk/rock band

Original Cover from 1997

Youtube is notorious for allowing violent gangster rap music. However, they are censoring a non-violent, non-offensive nationalist folk-rock band from Australia.

Youtube recently partnered with the Anti-Defamation League [ADL] to create a new form of censorship. Certain videos are “sandboxed.” You get a warning claiming there is “offensive material.” You have to be 18 or over and logged in with an account. Once you log in and go on record that you want to view the “offensive content,” it can be viewed. However, all regular features are disabled. It cannot be shared, embedded, voted on, or commented on. The video will also never be recommended to users.

This sandboxing feature allows Youtube to pretend they are not censoring the video, while dramatically reducing the flow of traffic to it. The very first person to have videos sandboxed was Jared Taylor.

Youtube has already “demonetized” most right-wing publishers. They have now begun demonetizing more moderate right-of-center publishers, while right-wing publishers are being sandboxed. Youtube is also deleting videos of Antifa violence, and using their audio matching technology to stop people from re-uploading them.

The sandboxing of Raven’s Wing, an obscure Australian folk/rock band, shows that Youtube is advancing their censorship at a rapid pace. The band was a studio project recorded in 1997. The lyrics have “Odinist” and conservative/nationalist themes. However, none of the songs are violent or even remotely offensive. Only 200 copies of the original album were even pressed. The album was re-issued in 2008 by a small Germany record label. In 2010, the entire album was uploaded to youtube. Apparently, the album was remastered and released with two bonus tracks by “Raven Records” in 2017.

New cover from 2017 remastered edition.

Raven’s Wing featured two singers, one of which is Scott McGuinness. He was the singer of an Australian punk rock band called Fortress in the 1990s. This band had aggressive right-wing lyrics, the most famous of which was “Commie Scum.” One of the guitarists on Raven’s Wing is the frontman for the Australian Death Metal band Destroyer 666. This band has played at major heavy metal festivals in Europe and has enjoyed minor commercial success.

Youtube does not give reasons why videos are “sandboxed.” We can only assume that Raven’s Wing has been sandboxed simply because Scott McGuinness sings on it.

This highlights the extreme double-standard on Youtube. Violent gangster rap, some of which calls for the murder of white people, is not even flagged as inappropriate for users under 18.

Youtube is currently the second biggest website in the world and the second biggest website in the USA. Youtube’s parent company Google, is the largest website in the world and the largest website in the USA. Google is also demonetizing websites on the right with their syndicated ad monopoly. The level of global influence that Google has, by controlling and censoring the top two websites in the world, is unprecedented in world history.

The Supreme Court of the United States says that any public thoroughfare, even one that is privately owned, must allow any political or religious speech that is protected by the first amendment. A growing number of people feel that Google should constitute a public thoroughfare and be regulated by the government like a utility.

This sentiment has exploded recently after Google physically seized the domain name of a website they did not like. Google disabled the domain name, and then seized control of it so it could not be moved to a different registrar. They effectively stole the domain name from its legal owner. This appears to be a direct violation of the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act of 1999 and the Net Neutrality Act of 2014.

Notes: The ADL was originally founded to defend Jewish people charged with crimes. It was involved with some of the most famous Jewish organized crime figures in US history. Today it has evolved into a militant far-left organization and one of the leading advocates of censorship in the country.

The most effective way to fight back against Google/Youtube censorship is to install an adblocking on your desktop and cell phone.

This ad for the album by Raven Records has not been censorsed yet.

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