Gangster rapper depicts white child being lynched, Youtube approves

Youtube has recently rolled out several new forms of censorship. Videos with conservative messages are being demonetized, placed into a special “sandbox” status where no one can find them, or banned outright. Youtube uses audio matching technology to prevent banned videos from being re-uploaded by other people.

Youtube is accelerating this censorship on a daily basis. Now, virtually everything right of center is being, at the least, demonetized. Even some moderate political commentators are now being demonetized.

What is not censored is actual incitement of racially motivated violence against white people.

Gangster rapper XXXTentacion has a new video with graphic and disturbing depictions of violence against white people. This includes a depiction of the rapper teaching a little black kid how to murder a little white kid. The little white kid is then depicted being hung to death.

The video also shows a frustrated white school teacher unable to control his black classroom. Then the rapper beats the white teacher with a dildo. Parts of the video contain crude sexually explicit lyrics. Other parts contain incitement of racial hatred against white people.

The video has been viewed almost five million times. It is being praised by black supremacists.

The video is fully “monetized” by Youtube. This means that Youtube is sharing the ad revenue it generates with the publisher. In other words, youtube is financially supporting this video.

Youtube does not even flag the video as inappropriate for minors! Meanwhile, Youtube is censoring little known white rock bands for being too nationalistic.

Youtube’s double standard is almost beyond belief. Youtube is the second most popular website in the entire world. It’s parent company Google, which is also rapidly censoring conservatives, is the most popular website in the world. This gives Google a level of influence over public opinion that is probably unprecedented in human history.

Many people are fighting back against Google and Youtube by installing adblocking browser extensions or using the Brave Browser with built in adblocking. Over 85% of Google’s revenue comes from selling ads. Currently, Google is in a race against time to develop new streams of revenue before the proliferation of adblocking can bring the company down.

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  1. Reported.

  2. The REALLY sad thing is the comments under the video… the fans think the video is actually intelligent and insightful. I mean honestly, THAT many people are partially retarded!?

  3. This mutt should be arrested. This is true incitement to violence.

  4. Some heads need to roll.

  5. Ok this is rediculous. About how many millions have so far flagged this video for inappropriate do you think?? I know I have for depicting child abuse; because that’s exactly what it shows!! Smdh.I mean why have it as an option when flagging? Huh Youtube? Outraged.. Something deep is going on with monopoly company Google.

  6. Uncle Tuna’s “Soft” is still up after 2 years.
    Basically it portrays a home invasion-kidnap of klanners daughter-a8Ekneeling at Tuna’s lap while he croaks “She gives me head when I’m soft.”
    It ends with the child hung nude on a cross draped in Dixie
    They will wonder why Whites take no prisoners in Civil War II.

  7. Don’t try posting a video of a BLACK person being lynched!

  8. Depravity of 1930’s Germany and Bolshevism 2.0

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