Berkeley PD caught lying to cover up Antifa violence

On September 14th, Ben Shapiro spoke at UC-Berkeley. Once again Antifa “counter-protesters” turned violent.

Celeste Paradise was attacked, had her head smashed against the concrete, and was hospitalized. The only media we could find that reported the attack was the Advocate, a left-wing student paper for Contra Costa College. The Advocate also posted a video of the victim laying on the ground with witnesses explaining that he was attacked.

“Mainstream” media outlets censored the attack, while the local ABC affiliate, Channel 7, even falsely reported that there was “no violence.”

Despite the media blackout, news of the attack spread online, in part because of this website.

The Berkeley Police Department then falsely claimed that the girl was not attacked at all. The police department published blatant falsehoods on their twitter account. They claimed that she fell on her own while not being attacked and that she told police she was not attacked. In the video, the victim barely looks conscious.

Police are also standing around while witnesses explain she was attacked.  It can be proven that police were told she was physically attacked. Paradise says police and numerous reporters asked her if she was attacked, and she kept saying she was. Paradise says that the official statement from the Berkeley PD is an outrageous lie.

Another man, who took photographs of the incident, says he tried in vain to get the police to take action. He is interviewed in the video below.

The Berkeley PD is already notorious for standing down and allowing Antifa to attack people at past events. The mayor of Berkeley has supported Antifa and even a member of a local Antifa Facebook group in the recent past.

This video includes interviews with Celest Paradise and two eyewitnesses. Of the eyewitnesses can be seen prominently in the Advocate’s video. The other is the guy who took the pictures of Paradise we used on our original post.