Somali refugee beaten to death in Pittsburgh

A Somalian, who was driving a cab in Pittsburgh, was savagely beaten to death in the street by four black males last Tuesday. Two suspects were arrested Friday, and police are hunting two others. Police say the perps actually left the crime scene, but came back to make sure the victim was dead. When they returned to the crime scene they stomped on his face and neck to kill him. The victim lingered on for days before dying in the hospital.

The victim was born in Somalia and was brought to the United States under the Federal refugee program. Pittsburgh has about 550 Somali refugees.

There has been widespread violence between black Americans and Somali refugees in Columbus, Ohio and Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. These are the two communities with the most Somalians in the USA. The media often censors or intentionally misrepresents black vs. Somali violence. However, it is so common that they can’t censor all of it. The murder also mirrors current ongoing violence against Somali immigrants in South Africa right now.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette shamelessly blamed the killing on Donald Trump and the Somali travel ban. Ignoring twenty years of violence between the black and Somalia refugee communities in the United States. Demonstrating that the paper has no credibility whatsoever. This must be why the paper disabled comments on their website. It is far too easy to poke holes in their intentionally fake claims.