French Socialists seek to prosecute Le Pen for tweeting pictures of ISIS

Marine Le Pen is leading in the polls for the first round of the French presidential election. The establishment is in a panic. In order to silence Le Pen, the current French administration wants to prosecute her for “publishing violent images.” This offense carries a maximum penalty of up to three years. Marine Le Pen tweeted three pictures of ISIS engaged in brutality back in 2015.

The administration of socialist president François Hollande asked the EU judiciary to strip Le Pen of her immunity. Le Pen is currently immune from prosecution as an elected member of the European parliament. The EU legal affairs committee voted 18 to 3 in favor of stripping her immunity. The vote will have to be confirmed by a majority of the entire parliament. A full vote could occur any day.

The actions can only be described as a desperate dirty trick to subvert the entire election process in France.

In 2013, the EU voted to strip Le Pen of her immunity so she could be prosecuted for speech crimes. The French government tried to prosecute Le Pen for criticizing Muslim groups that block French streets to hold mass prayers. The charges were eventually dropped.

France has no freedom of speech.