Horrific torture/murder at a public park in Oakland

Two young black males horrifically punched, stomped, and tortured a 55-year-old Asian man to death at public park in Oakland, CA. Police say the ordeal started at midnight and lasted for several hours. Jabari Jones, 19, and Breshawn Clark, 18, attacked Piliip Fai Low, 55, at Lowell Park around midnight on February 22nd.

Police say the perps returned at some point and beat Low some more. At one point putting him in a shopping cart. Then, police say they perps came back a third time and beat him some more. They took $1.12 out of his pocket and left him for dead. The final beating occurred as late as 8:00 AM.

Police say witnesses saw the beatings and did nothing. A twelve-year-old boy finally called police when he saw the victim’s lifeless body. Paramedics pronounced him dead on the scene. The neighborhood is 67% black. Asians make up the second largest group at 17%.

The attack can only be described a cruel and gruesome hate crime.