Interracial felony homicides involving blacks and whites in September 2017

Black on White (8)

September 10th, Scott M Stevens Jr, 32, and Michaela Gingras, 24, were shot and killed in Boston, MA. The black boyfriend of Gingras has been charged. Police say he shot his girlfriend and then opened fire on two white males as the rode on motorcycles. Stevens was killed and his father was injured.


On September 7th, Gerard Grandzol, 38, was murdered in front of his house in Philadelphia, PA. Police say two black males killed him during a robbery.



On September 6th, Ashley Coltrain, 18, was burned alive in Hudson Falls, NY. Police say her black boyfriend intentionally started a house fire while she was sleeping to kill her.



On September 4th, Carrie Ann Gordon, 48, was strangled to death in Greenville, NC. Police say a black male killed her in a hotel room.



On September 3rd, Shane Wessels, 32, was shot and killed in Fort Dodge, IA. Police have identified a black male suspect. It is believed that Wessels was beaten and tased before being shot. It took place at an intersection.



On September 1st, Kimberly Lesko, 55, and Melodie Robb, 52, were shot and killed in McKeesport, PA. Another male victim was also shot and injured. Police have charged two black males.