Schumer pulls visa strings for Muslim that is promptly arrested for sexual attack on 12 yr old

Democrat Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer are directly tied to an alleged sexual assault on a twelve year old child in Saranac Lake Village, New York.

Tanveer Hussain is a 24 year old Muslim man from the Kashmir. He applied for a visa to participate in a snowshoe competition in upstate New York. The US Embassy in New Delhi denied his VISA application.

The US Embassy staff probably had a very good reason. Kashmir is a notorious part of the world, divided between India, Pakistan, and China. The region is associated with jihadists and there is a lot of violence.

Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer directly intervened and lobbied the embassy to give Hussain a visa. Chuck Schumer is the man who pretended to cry over Donald Trump’s six month temporary ban on travel from seven war torn nations.

Chuck Schumer publicly bragged on Facebook about getting Tanveer Hussain his visa. The Snowshoe Federation of India stated in Facebook “The team couldn’t make it to Saranac Lake ADK without personal efforts of Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator Gillibrand.”

Once in America, Hussain was promptly arrested for sexually assaulting a twelve year old American girl. According to Saranac Lake Village police Sergeant Casey, the charges are very serious. He says Hussain kissed the girl and touched her in an inappropriate area. Hussain has been charged with felony sexual abuse and misdemeanor child endangerment.

Abid Khan, president of the Snowshoe Federation of India, was also in Saranac Lake Village. He blamed the victim, telling told local media that the girl was the aggressive one. Khan is also from Kashmir. Both Khan and Hussain were taken to the Saranac Lake Middle School to meet with children.

When contacted by FOX News, a spokesman for Schumer shamelessly accused Hussain of “abusing our visa program.” A complete inversion of reality, since it was Schumer who lobbied embassy staff to change their original decision. The visa program, without Schumer’s meddling, would have kept Hussain out of the country.

Abid Khan and Tanveer Hussain were taken to Saranac Middle School to meet with children.