#BlackLivesMatter supporter arrested for “Trump Inspired” bomb threats against Jewish centers

For almost two months, there have been death threats against Jewish centers in America. About 100 Synagogues, offices, and private schools have been targeted.

Juan Thompson, 31, was arrested today in St. Louis by the FBI and charged with making at least eight bomb threats against Jewish Centers. He is also being charged with cyber stalking his ex-girlfriend. One of the eight bomb threats named was against an office of the Anti-Defamation League [ADL]. This is an organization that was leading the charge to blame the threats on Trump supporters. Other threats named in the complaint targeted Jewish centers, Jewish schools, and a Jewish Museum. The locations range from San Diego, California to New York City, New York. The threats occurred between January 28th and February 22nd.

When Thompson realized he was under investigation, he posted online messages blaming a “disgusting nasty racist white girl I dated.

Thompson is a former reporter for the The Intercept that was fired for making up fake racially charged stories.

Thompson has a twitter account full of anti-Trump messages. He also tweeted that he hates capitalism, voted for Bernie Sanders, and “reverted to Islam.” He is also a supporter of #BlackLivesMatter and claimed the Ferguson race riots were justified.

A large segment of the media, as well as left-wing foundations, hyped the bomb threats as the work of “white supremacists” and blamed Donald Trump. Anyone who suggested the perps would not be a Trump fan, was denounced as “racist,” “anti-Semitic,” and a “conspiracy theorist.” Trump was even attacked in the media, based on a claim by the Democrat AG of Pennsylvania, for allegedly saying the perpetrators might actually be his opponents.

Also, an Arab immigrant has been arrested for bomb threats against Muslims in Montreal. The Canadian media gleefully hyped this as a “white supremacist,” Trump inspired hate crime. Even after the perp was arrested, CBC, VICE News Canada, and others simply continued to claim the Arab suspect might still be a Trump supporter connected to “white supremacists.”