Victim to press charges against ethics professor accused of bashing conservatives with u-lock

Sean Stiles

At two of the violent Antifa riots in Berkeley, a masked man assaulted multiple people with a bicycle u-lock. Many people, including a victim, believe the perpetrator to be Eric Canton.

Eric Canton is a professor of ethics at Diablo Valley College [DVC]. This is a two-year community college in Pleasant Hill, CA. DVC confirmed that Canton does teach at the school, they are aware of the accusations, but they are not issuing any comment at this times.

Canton states on his OK Cupid profile “I’m interested in helping to precipitate the end of civil society.” After being fingered online, Canton deleted his twitter account and an alumni profile at SFSU, where he used to be a grad student.

One of the victims is Sean Stiles, who was attacked last Saturday. A video shows a masked man hit him in the head with a metal object without warning. Members of the “politically incorrect” sub-section of the popular internet forum, also known as “/pol/,” issued the accusation against Eric Canton and identified Sean Stiles. The first video below showcases the evidence presented by /pol/.

Sean Stiles announced earlier today that he is filing assault charges against Eric Canton.

Narrative-Collapse is not making any accusations against Eric Canton. We ask that you decide for yourself.

The aftermath of the worst attack: