Sweden’s single issue anti-immigration party now winning polls

The Swedish Democrats [SD] are a slightly right-of-center political party whose primary focus is curbing immigration. The Swedish media calls them “racists” and “Nazis.” The Swedish Democrats are “right-wing” on immigration and moderates on other issues. It is essentially a single issue party.

In the 2010 Swedish parliamentary election they got 5.7%. In 2014, they got 12.9% making them the third largest party in Sweden.

Based on a running average of Swedish polls, the Swedish Democrats are tied for second place with the Moderate Party at 19% each.

However, some polls show the Swedish Democrats in first place.

In a poll conducted between February 17th-20th, 2017, YouGov gave SD first place with 23.9%

In a poll conducted between February 16th-20th, 2017, Sentio gave SD first place with 26.9%

In a poll conducted between February  5th-14th, 2017, Inizio gave SD 2nd place with 21.5%

YouGov and Sentio have been giving the SD the best scores for years. On the other end of the spectrum is Novus, Ipsos, and Sifo. All three of these polling companies have only been giving SD 17% or 18% for the past several months. However, we all know how phony some polls are.

After the “Summer of Unrest” in 2015, which saw the rise of immigrant gangs using military hand grenades, YouGov actually gave SD percentages between 26 and 28%.

The Social Democrats got 31% in 2014 and are now polling an average of 26%. The far-left Green party got 7% in 2014, and has now dropped below the 4% threshold in the latest polls.

Parliamentary election will be held in September of 2018. It now seems very likely that the Swedish Democrats will achieve at least second place. The situation in Sweden is only going to get worse as the election approaches.

Note about photo: SDU is the name of the Swedish Democrats Youth Corps, launched in 2015.