100+ “kids” riot, mace, and beat people in Philadelphia, 24+ arrested

Over a hundred young black males and females rioted Monday evening in City Center Philadelphia.

At least twenty-four people were arrested. Twenty have been cited for disorderly conduct. Police say they arrested four other suspects who face more serious charges. Police say the suspects beat and maced their victims. One victim says he was tased. Multiple female victims were chased into a bank and maced. One male victim was hospitalized. This victim was reportedly beaten on the subway. One female officer was injured and hospitalized while pursuing suspects on a bicycle.

A cellphone video shows a victim on the ground getting pummeled while dozens cheer. The man who took the video stated “I have seen this happen so many times.”

While Philadelphia has a decades old notorious reputation for black mob violence, the local media stills tries to conceal what is happening.

CBS Philadelphia shamelessly called it a “flash mob” of “kids.” Two euphemisms used by the media to censor mob violence when the perpetrators are black.

The Philadelphia Inquirer called it “a teen mob.”

The Philly Voice called them “teens” and blamed the rampage on the fact that local public schools only had a half day.

ABC Philadelphia called them an “unruly flash mob” of “teens.” They also referred to the videotaped mob attack on a lone victim as a “melee.” However, this network actually did published several videos and far more specific details than any of the others.