Get Out inspires large scale racial hatred online

This twitter uses has 65k followers.

Today, which Alex ranks as one of the top 300 websites in America, published an article reviewing Get Out. It uses the incendiary title “The Most Terrifying Villain in Get Out Is White Womanhood.”  Slate writer Aisha Harris suggests the horror movie reflects reality, and white women are an enemy of blacks. She calls the lead female character the “canny manipulator of the subterranean, systemic racism in the world at large.” Then she refers to this theme as “an exact incarnation of the horror of being a black person in America.”

Recently someone took twelve headlines and changed the word “black” to “white.” The results really highlight the shocking racial hatred being promoted by the website.

Fusion, the English language sister channel of Univision, previously published an extremely hateful article that reviewed the movie. It’s titled “Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ is a horrifying warning about what happens when you trust white people.”

Jordan Peele, the mixed race writer and director of the movie, has stated himself that the movie contains anti-white themes. He told the New York Times that the movie targets “liberal elites,” who he says still harbor “racism.”

The theme of the movie could be better described as a comedic satire about how black people view whites. A view shaped by the false narratives of the media and the black grievance industry. Except we see major, influential media outlets treating the movie as a literal reflection of reality.

However, you can truly see how much the movie is inspiring racial hatred by looking at twitter. The extremely popular hashtag #GetOut is largely used to glorify the movie’s anti-white themes and encourage hatred of white people.

Search twitter for “#GetOut White People” and you literally get hundreds and hundreds of tweets expressing racial animosity against whites. The majority are from accounts with pictures of black faces, but there is also a significant number from Latinos.

The same media outlets and personalities who scream about “white racism” on social media, completely ignore the widespread daily phenomenon of anti-white posts on twitter.

Thanks to @polNewsNetwork1, for collecting these twitter screen shots: