Elderly disabled woman pummeled in racially motivated attack in Atlanta

Sandra McClung, a 75 year old wheelchair bound grandmother, was at a grocery store in Atlanta, when a black female called her “white bitch.” McClung, who was using a motorized cart, responded “no, you’re the bitch.” Then she backed up and started driving away.

That is when the perp began brutally pummeling her. It started with a sucker punch to the side of the head. Then the perp punched her in the face over and over. She was left a bruised and bloody mess by the end of the assault.

However, the perp dropped her cellphone directly into McClung’s cart during the attack. Atlanta police unlocked the phone and identified the owner. They are bringing McClung in for a line up.

McClung credits God with helping police catch the suspect saying “God let her drop her phone in my buggy so they can find her because God don’t like ugly.” Commenting on the racially motivated nature of the attack she said “there’s a whole lot of racial hatred in this country and it’s crazy.”