Tim Kaine’s son arrested for rioting at Trump rally

Glenn Kimball, Haley Ryan, Jonathan Adams, Anton Bueckert, Isabell Kimball, and Linwood Kaine

Tim Kaine’s son Linwood Kaine was one of six people arrested for rioting at a pro-Trump rally inside the Minnesota State Capital building last Saturday.

Left-wing thugs attacked people with mace and set off a smoke bomb inside the capital building. Kaine and four others were originally held on suspicion of 2nd degree rioting. This is a felony that carries a maximum sentence of five years in Minnesota. A sixth person was cited for disorderly conduct.

However, the authorities decided not to pursue felony charges against any of the suspects. Kaine was released from the county jail Tuesday morning. St. Paul City Attorney Samuel Clark says he is reviewing the case and might charge the suspects with misdemeanors.

Some media falsely portrayed the rioting as mutual fighting. Local police stated that the violence was initiated by anti-Trump counter-protesters.

The second half of this CNN video has shots of the rioting in Minneapolis: