Is the media ignoring black on East Indian murders and hate crimes?

You probably heard that on February 23rd, a white male shot three people in a bar in Olathe, Kansas. Two of the victims were East Indians and one was white. An East Indian male died. It was the number one story on both CNN and MSNBC for two days staright. Nation media coverage continued for two weeks. Major media outlets blamed the shooting on Donald Trump. Many outlets ran articles hyping an asinine false narrative that East Indians were living in fear of white Trump supporters.

It didn’t matter that two days later an Arab man shot five white people in Ohio, killing two. It also didn’t matter to the media that another East Indian was killed in Lancaster, SC days later on March 2th.

Harnish J. Patel, who runs a local convenience store, was shot by an unknown perp. Lancaster, SC is about half black. Since the perp will most likely turn out to be a black man, the media ignored it. Instead more stories came out about the Olathe shooting and the “pattern” of white on Indian attacks.

Yes it true that there have been white on East Indian murders in the USA. In 2012, there was a horrific spree shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin killing seven people. But is this really a pattern? Isn’t there a far, far more blatant and obvious pattern in murders of East Indians?

Spending ten minutes on Google, we easily found all of the following stories.


In October of 2016, Sandeep Singh was shot and killed while working in a gas station in Meridian, Mississippi. He is East Indian and the perp is black.

In October of 2016, Sunny Patel, a 15-year-old East Indian, was shot and killed by a black male in Cleveland Height, OH.

In February of 2016, Mitesh Patel, 35, was murdered by three black males in San Bernardino, CA. He was working at the Bossy Drive-In Dairy.

In March of 2015, motel owner Anish Patel was shot execution style by a black male in Elizabethtown, NC. He died in the hospital shortly after. Virtually no media ever reported it.

We found others, including some double murders, but we decided to only show crimes from 2015 or newer. If you know of others, e-mail us and we will ad them to the list. Please only send case from 2015-2017.

Multiple victim attacks being investigated as hate crimes:

In January of 2017, the NYPD arrested a black male for attacking two East Indian women on the subway while yelling racial abuse. The NYPD say they are investigating the attack as a hate crime. For some reason the national media didn’t hype this one.

In July of 2015, a black male was arrested in North Brunswick, NJ for what police described as a string of racially motivated attacks on Indian men.

Guess what? There is a “pattern,” and it certainly is not “white Trump supporters.” East Indians work in motels, gas stations, and convenience stores in extremely high numbers. People in these industries are targeted for murder at higher rates than the general population. Since blacks commit about 50% of all murders in the USA, despite being 12-13% of the population, guess who is disproportionately doing the killing?