Eight biggest “Trump Inspired Hate Crime” Hoaxes

The eight biggest hate crimes hoaxes that the media hyped as being inspired by Donald Trump. Some of these are actually categories with multiple examples.

Mississippi Church Burning with Trump Graffiti

We were told a white, racist Trump supporter must have torched a historic 111 year old black church in Mississippi. This took place on November 1st. He even spray painted “Trump” on the side so we would know it was a racist attack inspired by Donald Trump. Authorities promised to charge the perp with a hate crime. Then a black male, who was a member of the church, was charged with the arson. He was never charged with a hate crime.

Texas Mosque Burning

We were told that a Trump supporter must have burned down a mosque in Houston, Texas on Christmas Day. A black male, who is a devout member of the mosque, was arrested.

Arson attack on home of “anti-racist” white family

A white couple claimed their car and motorcycle were set ablaze and “n*gg*r lover” was painted on their garage. It took place last December in Texas. The husband eventually confessed to committing the arson and vandalism.

The Bowling Green University racially motivated mob attacks against blacks

Last November, a black female claimed three white Trump supporters threw rocks at her while saying racial slurs. Police later determined that she made it up.

Days later, a black male said he was attacked by two white males and called a racial slur at the same college. Police determined that this was also a hoax.

Nationwide epidemic of hijab wearing women being harassed by Trump supporters

University of Michigan student says a Trump supporter threatened to burn her hijab. HOAX!

A woman claimed that white men harassed her on the NYC subway, threaten to take her hijab, while invoking Trump’s name. HOAX!

University of Louisiana at Lafayette student says a group of white males attacked her and stole her wallet and hijab. She said one was wearing a Trump hat. HOAX!

On Monday, February 21st, SPLC spokesman Mark Potok went on MSNBC and said there was a massive “uptick” in hate crimes against minorities. He explicitly blamed it on Donald Trump. Then Potok cited the New York City subway claim, which had been deemed a hoax by police over two months earlier.

Lakeville South High later stated that it was a hoax perpetrated by a “non-Caucasian student.” None of the celebrities that hyped this hoax, even made any retractions.

Nationwide epidemic of Trump inspired racist vandalism and notes at schools, Universities, and public areas

Anti-black, pro-Trump graffiti in South Philly. HOAX!

Swastikas and racial slurs at Lakeville South High School. HOAX!

Racist vandalism at Nassau Community College. HOAX!

Racist vandalism and fake blood at Williams College. HOAX!

Anti-gay, pro-Trump notes and e-mails at North Park University. HOAX!

Anti-Latino message at Elon University. HOAX!

Babson College students yelled racial slurs at blacks. HOAX!

Death threats to Jewish centers

The media has blamed Trump for death threats against Jewish Centers for weeks. So far the only person arrested is a black male who is involved with Black Lives Matter and other left-wing causes. He is accused of making bomb threats to eight different Jewish centers.

Death threats against Muslims at University in Montreal

Bomb threats sent to a Montreal University. Perp threatened Muslim students. Invoked Donald Trump’s name. An Arab immigrant was arrested the next day.

There are many, many others. Click here to see a vast database of hate crime hoaxes across the United States.