Dutch Election Results

For final results, click here.

Update 10:00 PM EST: 36% of the official results have been posted. The four main center-right parties look like they will narrowly get over 50%.

VVD 21.3% (center-right)
PVV 13.1% (right-wing)
CDA 12.5% (center-right)
D66 12.0% (center-left)
SP 9.3% (left-wing)
GL 9.0% (left-wing)
PvdA 5.6% (center-left)
CU 3.4% (center-right)
50+ 3.2% (center-right)
PvdD 3.1% (left-wing)
DENK 2.2% (left-wing)
SGP 2.2% (right-wing)
FvD 1.7% (right-wing)

Divided into four categories you have:
Center-right: 40.4 Right-wing: 17
Center-left: 17.6 Left-wing: 23.6

Two tiny right-wing parties got enough votes to get seats. Forum for Democracy [FvD] and Reformed Political Party [SGP]

It was the highest turnout in 31 years. 82% of the entire electorate voted.

Polls will close in the Netherlands at 4:00 PM EST.  We will be posting election results as soon as they become available.

The media is making a last ditch effort to hurt Wilders while claiming his poll numbers plummeted on the eve of the election.

Voter turnout is on track to exceed 75% of the electorate.

Major Parties:

VVD: People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, centrist/center-right/soft libertarianism
CDA: Christian Democrat Party, centrist/center-right, Public funding for Christian schools
PVV: Party for Freedom, conservative, anti-immigration, euroskeptic
D66: Democrats 66, center-left, soft libertarianism
SP: Socialist Party, left-wing/Marxist
PvdA: Labor Party, center-left/Marxist
GL: Green Links, left-wing/Marxist, evironmentalism
CU: Christian Union, center-right, Protestant

Other major elections this year:

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French Legislature: Round 1 on June 11th, Round 2 on June 18th

Norwegian Parliamentary Election: September 7th

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