15 yr old convicted of murdering homeless man when he was 12

Sharron Townsend, a fifteen year old black male, was sentenced to 15-30 years in prison for killing Thomas Zona Trent, a 57-year-old homeless and partially disabled white male.

Townsend is said to have killed Trent solely for the fun of it. However, what is most shocking is the fact that he was only 12 when he committing the murder.

Townsend and a friend would regularly loiter at a strip mall on 103rd street. Dawn Akers, of Cali Nails, says the pair were a regular nuisance who harassed pedestrians and begged for money. On June 28th, 2014, they spotted a homeless white male using a walker. Townsend thought it would be fun to shoot and kill the man.

Townsend’s accomplice, another black male, is already serving time for armed robbery and motor vehicle theft.

As part of a plea deal, Townsend was sentenced to 30 years, but will be eligible to get out in 15. If the state deems Townsend to be “rehabilitated” in fifteen years, he will be unleashed back into society.